Monte Giovo Pass is a 5 stars road in the Italian Alps

Passo di Monte Giovo is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.094m (6,870ft) above the sea level, located in the South Tyrol province of Italy.

Passo di Monte Giovo

Where is Monte Giovo Pass?

Set high in the Alps, in the northern part of the country, this pass, also known as Jaufenpass, serves as a vital link between the Eisacktal valley in the east and the Passeiertal valley in the west. It holds the distinction of being the northernmost Alpine pass located entirely within Italy. Upon reaching the summit, travelers are greeted by a cozy log cabin offering refreshments and a selection of souvenirs.

How long is Monte Giovo Pass?

The well-maintained, paved road, known as Strada Statale 44, stretches over 59.9 km (37.22 miles), connecting Vipiteno to Merano.

Is Monte Giovo Pass challenging?

Absolutely! The route boasts numerous curves, hairpin turns, and some particularly narrow stretches, making it a test of driving prowess. The scenic beauty of the landscapes and the thrill of mastering each bend make the journey deeply rewarding. While the road generally remains accessible throughout the year, drivers should note its steep inclines, with certain sections presenting a challenging 10.0% gradient. The pass's reputation as a driving paradise is further solidified by its inclusion in the Giro d’Italia race.