Galleria di Rosazza: a narrow, damp and dark tunnel

Galleria di Rosazza is a scary unlit tunnel at an elevation of 1.497m (4,911ft) above the sea level, located in the Province of Biella, in the northern Italian region of Piedmont.

Galleria di Rosazza

Nestled in the Alpi Biellesi, the tunnel is 350m long. It’s narrow, damp, dark but very charming and characteristic. It’s traversed by the paved Strada Provinciale Rosazza-Oropa (aka Strada alla Galleria di Rosazza). The tunnel was named after senator Federico Rosazza Pistolet (1813-1899), who conceived the connection and created the facility as an inn for workers and laboratory.

Located on the road between Cervo and Oropa valleys, the tunnel was dug by hand during the 1890’s to connect two sides of the bigger mountain. Accessible by car, motorbike or MTB. Not accessible by camper. Just before the tunnel (east side) there is a nice looking restaurant with good views. The tunnel, surrounded by high mountains, is totally straight.

Adverse weather conditions are common.  Open to traffic throughout the year, may be closed for short periods in winter when the weather is bad. Avalanches and rock slides are common. There are wonderful, tiny cliff roads on both sides of the tunnel that any driver would love.
Pic: Antonio Tisa