Passo della Pianella (Strada della Cucca)

Pianella Pass, a journey on the legendary Strada della Cucca

Passo Pianella, at an elevation of 1.365m (4,478ft) above the sea level, is a high mountain pass traversed by the "Strada della Cucca", an old military dirt track that connects Arsiero (SO) with the upper east ramp of the Passo di Valbona (N), in the province of Vicenza, Veneto, Italy.

The southern entrance from Castana at Peralto of the SP.81 is relatively easy to find. The road is asphalted and narrow, passable for the first 6.5 km. Then do not follow up to the pass about 7.5 km to coarse gravel and relatively fixed, which can be overcome by experienced drivers with road motorcycles. 

On the other track of the pass of Pianella up to the Passo di Valbona (1782 m) of gravel is then coarsely ground and loose, which can cause problems, especially in the very tight turns for drivers of heavy machinery. The track is also exposed here in parts quite an edge protection is also missing. There are a lot of curves, and also a couple of short tunnels. Use of motor vehicles in this section with road machinery is not recommended! Shortly before the Passo di Valbona snowfields can make the passage impossible in shady areas until May.
It’s exciting and sometimes very exposed and unsecured driveway in innumerable twists and turns through many tunnels.
Pic&video: lpbaumi