Passo della Spina

Spina Pass

Passo della Spina is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1.521m (4,990ft) above the sea level, located in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy. The pass is traversed by the spectacular Anfo ridge road.  

The road over the pass is paved, with gravel sections surfing among cliffs offering a scenical opportunity to cross the Bergamo Alps. With a length of 20km this old military road is certainly breathtaking and it has a fearsome reputation. It has an important rock fall risk. The road has some gravel sections and includes 4 short tunnels. In 2010 some new tunnels were built to bypass the narrowest parts.
This road is closed from November to May, but it can be closed anytime when the access is not cleared of snow. The speed is limited to 20 km/h. The road is closed to vehicles with a width of 2,50m and a height of 3,20m. The original road was built on Roman times. 
Pic: Cristiano Mazzoldi