Driving the SP18 to Ranzo, the road carved into the rock

Located in the Autonomous Province of Trento, in Italy, Strada Provinciale 18 is a road dug into the rock and, at times, overhanging.

Strada Provinciale 18

Where is Strada Provinciale 18?

Situated in the Laghi valley, the road, also known as Panoramica di Ranzo, leads to Ranzo, a small town in Trentino. Set high above the Limarò Gorge, it is about 20 kilometers from Trento and approximately 35 kilometers from Riva del Garda.

How long is Strada Provinciale 18?

Strada Provinciale 18 (SP18) is entirely paved. It’s 7.5 km (4.66 miles) long, running from Ciago (north of Vezzano) to Ranzo. It offers a breathtaking low-traffic route into the heart of the Paganella massif.

Is Strada Provinciale 18 dangerous?

The road is extremely narrow in parts and totally impassable for two average cars at the same time. If you’re scared to drive on these kinds of roads, you should avoid it at all costs. It features a high risk of rockslides. It is a road that makes all drivers who pass through this stretch hold their breath; a road which, however, never ceases to exert all its charm and offers passers-by unique and unrepeatable views.

Why is Strada Provinciale 18 famous?

It is a breathtaking road, which overlooks the valley below. Along the way, it’s possible to admire towns such as Vezzano, Fraveggio, Monte Terlago, Ciago, and Lon from above. Towards Ranzo, there is a truly spectacular panoramic point, where it is also possible to stop to enjoy the view.

When was Strada Provinciale 18 built?

This iconic road was built in 1948 and called provincial road 18. Its construction occurred for a particular reason; until that moment, in fact, there were no roads that connected those towns. In this way, the inhabitants were forced to walk along the wild Val Daone and then use a motor vehicle to continue. A truly uncomfortable route which caused many problems, up until the moment in which work on provincial road 18 began. The road was therefore literally dug into the rock, with sections overlooking the valley and quite dangerous; in fact, over the years, it was also a place where many accidents and tragedies occurred, caused by the sudden detachment of unsafe boulders. Then, in 2016, a delicate intervention was carried out to make the entire stretch of the road safe; therefore, with rockfall barriers and metal nets, the risk of landslides on the road has been greatly reduced, making the road much safer.
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