Strada Provinciale 96 in Basilicata is the road of the 56 tornanti

Strada Provinciale 96 (SP96) is an exceptionally challenging drive situated in the province of Potenza, within the Southern Italian region of Basilicata.

Strada Provinciale 96

How long is Strada Provinciale 96 in Basilicata?

The road is entirely paved, extending for a length of 55.0 km (34.17 miles), stretching from Bivio di Tricarico to the border of the Apulia region. It traverses the hilltop town of Tolve.

Is Strada Provinciale 96 in Basilicata difficult?

Situated to the north of Parco Regionale di Gallipoli Cognato Piccole Dolomiti Lucane, the road is exceptionally challenging, characterized by steep sections, narrow passages, and a multitude of turns. Notably, the road boasts an impressive 56 hairpin turns (tornanti). If you're susceptible to car sickness, it's advisable to steer clear of this route. The road reaches its highest point at 872m (2860ft) above sea level.