Vizze Pass is an awe-inspiring route in the Zillertal Alps

Passo di Vizze (Pfitscherjoch) is an international high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.276m (7,467ft) above the sea level located on the border of Italy and Austria. Nestled in the Zillertal Alps, the pass links Tyrol, Austria, and South Tyrol, Italy.

Passo di Vizze

This pass links Val di Vizze and Valle dello Zamser Grund. There is a good restaurant/hotel at the summit, called Rifugio Passo di Vizze, built in 1888. Along the way, a gorgeous mountain panorama at the main chain of the Alps is guaranteed.

On the Italian side, the road to the summit is unpaved. It’s called Strada Provinciale 508 (SP508). Starting from San Giacomo, the road is 14.5 km long. Recently it was closed to private motor vehicles at the fourth bend at 1.815m (5,954ft) above the sea level, with the construction of a parking lot. The last 6.1 km to the summit can be crossed only walking or by bike. On the Austrian side, there’s a walking mule path.
Pic: Jakob Chwastek