Via Chiantigiana, a scenic road between Florence and Siena through Chianti country

Located in the heart of the central Italy’s Tuscany region, the Strada Regional 222 is a very scenic drive crossing vineyards, olive groves and picturesque small towns.

Via Chiantigiana

How long is the Via Chiantigiana?

Strada Regional 222 (SR-222), also known as Via Chiantigiana, Chiantigiana Road, Chianti Road, Route du Chianti and Chiantigiana Wine Road, is totally paved. The road runs north-south and leads from Florence to Siena, two great medieval cities, through the middle of the Chianti Classico territory. The classic drive is 59.1 km (36.72 miles) long.

Is the Via Chiantigiana scenic?

It’s said to be one of the most scenic drives of the country. It crosses a wide territory full of vineyards, olive groves and picturesque small towns with stunning churches and castles, as it meanders languorously through gently rolling countryside. The drive leads you through little medieval villages and connects all the main towns of Chianti. The journey is well known for its vineyards, cellars and extensive views over a pristine landscape.

How long does it take to drive the Via Chiantigiana?

The road takes 1.5 hours without any stop, but it is truly a lovely way to spend most of a day. The drive is recommended during the late springtime eruption of poppies and other wildflowers. It passes through some of the most charming towns of the territory, one of the most important wine producing regions in the country for over two centuries. The road is definitely worth driving with lots of wineries where you can stop and try wines.