SS1 Via Aurelia, one of the main roads of the Roman Empire

Strada Statale 1 Via Aurelia (SS 1) is a historic trade route running along the Italian coastline from central Italy to southern France.

Strada Statale 1 Via Aurelia (SS 1)

The road is extremely scenic following important tourist locations of Italy and derives from Via Aurelia, a Roman road constructed in 241 BC by Gaius Aurelius Cotta. The road is totally paved and runs from Roma, the capital of the country, to Ventimiglia, a city in Liguria, northern Italy, in the province of Imperia near the French-Italian border, on the Gulf of Genoa.

The road is 697 km (433 miles) long following the coast of Tyrrhenian Sea and Ligurian Sea and running along nine provincial capitals. It is one of the most important state highways in the country as well as one of the most important roads of the former Roman Empire. The road is usually very crowded during holidays.

The most scenic part of the journey runs from Genoa (Genova) to the French border. It’s built directly along with the coast with absolutely great sights towards the sea. You are constantly distracted by the beautiful views. The SS1 is partly constructed today as a highway (with 2 lanes in each direction) but toll-free - in opposite to most of all other highways in Italy.
Road suggested by: Michael Spannlang