What You Need to Know About Driving the Road F232 in Iceland

Situated in the Southern Region of Iceland, the F232 (Öldufellsleið) is a very challenging drive with breathtaking landscapes and rugged rivers. It is only suitable for 4x4 vehicles with significant fording capacity, and there are no services or networks along the way.

Road F232 (Öldufellsleið)

Where Does Road F232 Start and End?

The road runs from Road 209 close to Hrífunes to Road F210 near Hólmsá river. It traverses rough and challenging terrain, including endless black sands and lava dunes. It is recommended to drive only in a full-size 4x4 with high clearance. In dry weather, the F232 is rough but not extremely difficult to drive, with large potholes, numerous ruts, and large boulders on the surface. Driving in a small passenger car is irresponsible and dangerous.

Is Road F232 Open in Winters?

Located in Fjallabak, north of the glacier Myrdalsjökull, the road is heavily potholed, causing the vehicle to bounce, labor, and shake. Situated in the Southern highlands within the Vatnajökull National Park, it’s one of the famous F Roads of the country. It is surrounded by lunar landscapes and is typically open during the summer months, from late June to early September. The area features a volcanic landscape with black ashes.

What Car Do I Need to Drive the Road F232?

The road is remote and not very busy, and there is little passing traffic or inhabitants around. In case of a breakdown, there is no cell phone service in parts. Along the way, deep river crossings are encountered, including the challenging Bláfjallakvísl river. Crossing big rivers requires experience, and attempting it with one car or during heavy rain can be treacherous. Only well-equipped jeeps and larger vehicles are suitable for crossing rivers. It is crucial to check the river's depth and conditions. The road is amazing during the day but can be dangerous at night. Rental car insurance does not cover damages from water, including those caused by crossing rivers.
Pic: Janos Rajki