Driving the wild Road F985 (Jökulvegur)

Located in the Eastern Region of Iceland, the F985 (Jökulvegur) is a very winding drive with hundreds of turns, suitable only for 4x4 vehicles. This road is practically vertical in places.

Road F985 (Jökulvegur)

How long is Road F985 to Skálafellsjökull glacier?

The road runs south-north from Highway 1 (the Ring Road) to Skálafellsjökull glacier and Jöklasel Hut, spanning 17 km (10.56 miles). F985 primarily serves as an access road to the glacier. Tour companies use jeeps with snowmobiles to transport tourists directly to the glacier via this road. F985 offers an adventurous, exciting, and slightly dangerous drive, with the main attraction being the glacier at the end.

How challenging is Road F985?

As one of the famous F Roads in the country, it is a rough and challenging road designed for 4-wheel drive vehicles. While not as bad as expected, it's not suitable for nervous drivers, non-4WD vehicles, or even on remotely foggy days. Parts with hairpin bends and extremely steep sections can be intimidating for those unused to such roads. Accessible only for larger 4x4 cars, the drive is not recommended for those afraid of heights. Some sections can be very dangerous in slippery conditions, and driving a small passenger car is simply irresponsible and perilous, potentially resulting in a hefty rescue bill.

Is Road F985 open in winters?

Climbing up to 918m (3,011ft) above sea level, it's one of the highest roads in the country. Surrounded by lunar landscapes and featuring a bumpy terrain, it is only open during the summer months, typically from late June to early September. The track is not very busy, and driving unaccompanied is not recommended due to the lack of passing traffic, inhabitants, and cell phone service in parts.

Where were Batman Begins, James Bond's Die Another day and Tomb Raider filmed?

The road offers breathtaking views, and on the way to the glacier, you'll encounter filming locations from movies like Batman Begins, James Bond (Die Another day), Tomb Raider, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and the TV show Game of Thrones.