Road F338 (Skjaldbreiðarvegur)

The Road F338 (Skjaldbreiðarvegur) isn’t an easy one

F338 (Skjaldbreiðarvegur) is a difficult drive located in the Southern Region of Iceland. It's only suitable for 4x4 vehicles with very high ground clearance: along the way there are unbridged rivers to cross.

The road is 51km long running west-east from F550 next to Brunnavatn towards F35, 5 km North of Gullfoss. It is a rough and challenging road only for a 4 wheel drive vehicle with high clearance. The track is pretty bad, it's not rolling with a lot of big rocks. Expect large potholes, many ruts and large boulders on their surface. This road is not for people that are afraid of heights. Driving in a small passenger car is simply and plainly irresponsible and can be very dangerous. It has several kinds of surfaces, mostly stones and soil, but also some parts of black sand. It’s one of the famous F Roads of the country.

Located in the Icelandic highlands, the road is surrounded by lunar landscapes, and is pretty bumpy. It’s only open during the summer months, usually between late June and early September. It's actually a straight power line service road that gets minimum care. Powerlines are always close by or even above you. Expect to be alone, this track is not very busy. It is not recommended to drive unaccompanied. In case of a breakdown, there is very little in the way of passing traffic or inhabitants around, and no cell phone service in parts. It's actually a straight power line service road that gets minimum care. Powerlines are always close by or even above you.
Along the route you’ll have two rivers to ford. Crossing big rivers requires a bit of experience. Do not attempt to cross with one car, or during heavy rain. It can be treacherous if the water level rises due to lots of rain and warm weather. Only well equipped jeeps and larger vehicles are able to cross the rivers. Please do not attempt to cross this river on a small jeep. In case you get stuck in the river, call 112. Always check the river to ensure that it's not too deep. Rivers that can change rapidly with rain or change in heat. This road is amazing by day, but can be dangerous during the dark night. Rental car insurance does not cover damages from water, including any damage caused by crossing rivers.
Pic: hyoung seok song


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