What are the F Roads of Iceland?

If you are planning to drive in Iceland and having some adventure on the road, the F Roads are the starting point to some of the most stunning places in the highlands of the country.

F Roads in Iceland

F Roads are, basically, mountain roads: the F stands for “fjalla”, which means “mountain” in Icelandic. The routes are breathtaking, but challenging and, in some cases, the most dangerous roads in the country. Travelling on the F Rods requires a 4×4 vehicle. And sometimes, a 4x4 vehicle is not enough. Certain F-roads will require higher clearance on a vehicle.  Driving in a small car is simply and plainly irresponsible and can be very dangerous. Bare in mind that off-road driving (driving outside of marked paths or roads) is forbidden in Iceland and the fines for doing that are extremely high. Keep in mind that no insurances covers possible damages caused while fording a river. Make sure that the F road you plan to travel on is open for traffic, and drive slowly. Some F roads are hardly roads at all– you might consider them mountain tracks.
Never drive alone. It is strongly advised that people travel together in 2 or more cars in case any trouble arises. And tell somebody about your travel plans. Due to weather conditions and safety, F-roads are only open for a short period of time (July  to late September).
These roads can contain a lot of loose gravel and some of them can also contain quite deep and wide rivers. They shouldn’t be attempted by novice drivers. If you are not a confident driver, it’s recommended to avoid F-roads. Take a tip from the tortoise: slow and steady wins the race.
Avoid committing your vehicle to what is in front of you until you are sure of what you are getting into because things could get worse. F roads are, basically, mountain roads; unpaved gravel tracks that are not regularly maintained. A traveler on F roads must be experienced and completely devoted to safe, slow and obstacle-conscious driving to deter danger. You don’t need a special driver’s license to go on F-roads, but it’s usually better to have a more experienced driver behind the wheel. Don’t forget they’re intense… Always check the website road.is and safetravel.is before driving there

List of F Roads in Iceland

Road Number Name From To
F206  Lakavegur  Hunkubakkar  Car park at Laki 
F207 Lakagígavegur  Car park at Laki  F206 east of Blágil 
Fjallabaksleið nyrðri  Búland  26 at Sigalda 
Fjallabaksleið syðri  Snæbýli  264 close to Keldur 
F223 Eldgjárvegur F208 near Stangakvísl Eldgjá
F224 Landmannalaugavegur  208 at Sólvangur  Landmannalaugar 
F225 Landmannaleið  26 across from Búrfell  208 near Frostastaðavatn 
Veiðivatnaleið  26 north of Krókslón  Veiðivatnaskáli 
F229 Jökulheimaleið  F228 s/e of Þórisvatn  Jökulheimar 
F232 Öldufellsleið  209 close to Hrífunes  F210 near Hólmsá river 
Álftavatnskrókur  F208 N/W of Hólaskjól  F210 near Hólmsá river 
Langisjór  F208 E of Skuggafjöll  Langisjór 
F249 Þórsmerkurvegur  Jökultungur  Básar carpark 
F26 Sprengisandsleið  26 near at Versalir   842 near Mýri/Bólstaður  
F261 Emstruleið  Fljótsdalur  F210 S/W of Hvanngil 
F333 Haukadalsvegur  Haukadalskirkja  F338 S of Sandvatn 
F335 Hagavatnsvegur  35 next to Sandá  Hut close to Hagavatn 
Hlöðuvallavegur  Miðdalur   F338 next to Þórólfsfell 
Skjaldbreiðarvegur  35 5 km N of Gullfoss  550 next to Brunnavatn 
F347 Kerlingarfjallavegur  35 S of Svartárbotnar  Huts in Kerlingarfjöll 
Kjalvegur  35 by Gullfoss  1 at Langidalur 
F508 Skorradalsvegur  508 52 
F575 Eysteinsdalsleið  570  574 
F578 Arnarvatnsvegur  Carpark Stefánshellir  Hut at Arnarvatn 
F586 Haukadalsskarðsvegur  60 1 in Hrútafjörður 
F649 Ófeigsfjarðarvegur  Eyri in Ingólfsjförður  Hvalá river 
F66 Kollafjarðarheiði  60 near Klettur  61 at Laugaból 
F734 Vesturheiðarvegur  Strangakvísl  35 
F735 Þjófadalavegur  Hveravellir  Þjófadalir 
Skagafjarðarleið  Giljavegur  F26 near Fjórðungsvatn 
Eyjafjarðarleið  Halldórsstaðavegur  F752 
F839 Leirdalsheiðarvegur  83  Hvalvatnsfjörður 
Öskjuleið  1 at Hrossaborgarlind  910 near Víkursandur 
Dragaleið  F821  F26 
F894 Öskjuvatnsvegur  F910  Öskjuvatn 
F899 Flateyjardalsvegur  835  Brettingsstaðir 
Kverkfjallaleið  F910  Kverkjökull 
F903 Hvannalindavegur  F910  F902 
Arnardalsleið  901  F910 
F909 Snæfellsleið  910  Eyjabakkajökull 
Austurleið  F26  Kárahnjúkar dam 
F923 Jökuldalsvegur  Aðalból  910 
Loðmundarfjarðarvegur  Hvannstóð  Klyppstaður 
F959 Viðfjarðarvegur  954 Viðfjörður 
Kollumúlavegur  Illikambur 
F985 Jökulvegur  1 Skálafellsjökull ski cabin