What are the highest roads in Iceland?

Iceland is a volcanic island located in the middle of the northern Atlantic Ocean, near the Arctic Circle. It is a country of sharp contrasts.

Highest roads of Iceland

It is a sparsely populated country with one of the most geologically and volcanically active landscapes in the world, on the constantly active geologic border between North America and Europe. With a long coastline with many fjords and bays, over 10 percent of Iceland’s territory is covered by glaciers. Iceland is the second largest island in Europe, but the least populated country in the continent. The highest road elevation is to be found in the interior of Iceland on a road through Sprengisandur, which is 944 meters above the sea level.

Highest roads in Iceland

Elevation Road number Road
944m (3,097ft) F821 Sprengisandur, Nýjabæjarafréttur
941m (3,087ft) F881 Dragaleið
918m (3,011ft) F985 Jökulvegur
877m (2,877ft) F902 Kverkfjallaleið
861m (2,824ft) F26 Sprengisandur, Nýidalur
840m (2,755ft) F909 Snæfellsleið
744m (2,440ft) F752 Skagafjarðarleið
720m (2,362ft) F550 Kaldidalur
707m (2,319ft) F225 Landmannaleið
701m (2,299ft) 793 Skardsvegur
686m (2,250ft) F235 Langisjór
681m (2,234ft) F337 Hlöðuvallavegur
672m (2,204ft) F35 Kjalvegur, Fjórdungsalda
658m (2,158ft) 570 Jökulshálsvegur
644m (2,112ft) 917 Hellisheidi eystri