Exploring the Rugged Beauty of Road 59 (Laxardalsvegur) in Iceland's Westfjords

Road 59, also known as Laxárdalsvegur, is a very scenic yet defiant breathtaking road through the mountainous landscapes of Iceland's Westfjords.

Road 59 (Laxárdalsvegur)

Is Road 59 (Laxardalsvegur) paved?

Running through Húnaþing vestra and Dalabyggð, most of this road is unpaved, with only its western section being paved. Despite its narrow parts, the route is accessible for most standard passenger vehicles. It's worth noting that Road 59 offers a great driving experience due to its low traffic.

Is Road 59 (Laxardalsvegur) open year round?

Set high in the northwestern part of the country, the road tops out at an elevation of 201m (659ft) above sea level. It’s usually impassable in winter months, so it's best to plan visits during the milder months.

How long is Road 59 (Laxardalsvegur)? 

The road is 35.8 km (22.24 miles) long and runs east-west from Road 68 (to the north of Borðeyri) to Road 60 (to the north of Búðardalur).