Road F578 is a slippery as hell mudhole in Iceland

F578 (Arnarvatnsvegur) is a very dangerous drive located in the Northwestern Region of Iceland. Travelers need to be well prepared with enough food, water and fuel for the drive ahead. F578 is not a road! It is at best a track, muddy slippery and on a rainy day, a slippery as hell mudhole.

F578 (Arnarvatnsvegur)

Can you drive the Road F578 in Iceland?

Tucked away in the Western Highlands of the country, north of Langjökull, Iceland's second largest glacier, the road is totally unpaved. Nearly all rental car companies have the F578 on the list of forbidden roads, even for 4×4 vehicles.

Is the Road F578 in Iceland challenging? 

It’s one of the famous F Roads of the country. Running through some interesting lava fields, it's a very rough trail. It is a rough and challenging road only for a 4 wheel drive vehicle with high clearance. Expect large potholes, many ruts and large boulders on the surface. The road is heavily potholed and your vehicle will bounce, labour and shake. The southern half of Arnavatnsleiðar is accessible by specially equipped jeeps. There is a bumpy ford on Norðlingafljót. North of Arnarvatn large, the road is suitable for jeeps but can be rocky and wet. Treacherous mud holes may cause problems. It´s recommended to travel together with other vehicles.

How long is the Road F578 in Iceland?

The road is 79km (49 miles) long running north-south from the Road 704 (Miðfjarðarvegur) to 518 Road (Hálsasveitarvegur) through the Arnarvatnsheiði. 

Is the Road F578 in Iceland open?

The road tops out at 589m (1,932ft) above the sea level. The weather can affect the river conditions, rain and high temperatures can cause bigger streams and please note that glacial rivers swell as the day goes on. It’s only open during the summer months, usually between late June and early September. Expect to be alone, this track is not very busy even and very remote.
Road suggested by: Glenn Fant
Pic: Daniel Leathers