Be prepared to drive the F910 road in the Highlands of Iceland

F910 (Austurleið) is a challenging mountain road located in the Northeastern Region of Iceland. It’s one of the famous F Roads of the country.

F910 (Austurleið)

Where is the F910 (Austurleið) road?

The road is located in the northern part of the island, in the remote Highlands of Iceland.

How challenging is the F910 (Austurleið) road?

The road is quite challenging. It has paved sections but also very demanding parts. Most people only drive a small part of Austurleið – the section leading to Askja. However, F910 continues a long way through the central highlands.

Is the F910 (Austurleið) road open?

To drive on this road, you need a high clearance vehicle. It's only open in the summer for 4x4 vehicles. Snow and sandstorms might occur.

How remote is the F910 (Austurleið) road?

Expect to be alone; this track is not very busy and is very remote. Travelers need to be well-prepared with enough food, water, and fuel for the drive ahead. This trail goes through complete wilderness without any services whatsoever; travelers have to bring all fuel and supplies.

How long is the F910 (Austurleið) road?

The road is 170 km (105 miles) long. It can be traversed with a decent 4WD vehicle, but it can be slow-going because parts of the road are bumpy. Some sections are extremely rough, especially where it passes over fields of solidified lava. Sand and snowstorms may cause serious problems, even in the summer, as well as several river crossings. It's recommended to travel together with other vehicles.
Road suggested by: Glenn Fant
Pic&video: Bas Brand