Háifoss waterfall

A 4x4 track to the scenic Háifoss waterfall

Located near the Hekla volcano, in the Southern Region of Iceland, Háifoss is a 122 meters high waterfall. Situated in Fossá river it’s said to be the second largest waterfall of the country.

Do you need a 4x4 to get to Haifoss?

The road to the waterfall is very rough, and a 4 wheel drive vehicle with high clearance is recommend: there are signs that say “No small cars”. The road is totally unpaved, too bumpy with lots of potholes. The road is very rough--only try driving it in a 2wd car, if you're planning to buy a new car. It’s not a road for small vehicles.

How long is the road to Haifoss waterfall?

The road to the waterfall is called Road 332. It’s 7.5km (4.66 miles) long starting on the paved Þjórsárdalsvegur road. On the south-side above the waterfalls there is also a parking lot.

Is Haifoss waterfall worth it?

The drive is definitely worth it. A drive not to be missed! Surrounded by the dramatic landscape of the Icelandic Highlands, there are many excellent photo opportunities. Háifoss is one of those waterfalls that you just have to see to believe. This thing is absolutely stunning.



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