Road 500 (Kaldidalsvegur)

Adventure along Road 500 (Kaldidalsvegur)

The Road 500 (Kaldidalsvegur) is a highland track in Iceland, with a length of 40 km with no unbridged river crossings. Four-wheel-drive vehicle is not legally required to traverse it, however many car rental companies forbid the use of their two-wheel-drive vehicles on this interior route.

The Kaldidalsvegur is the shortest of the highland tracks traversing the Highlands of Iceland, therefore the nickname "highlands for beginners". This is a maintained road where a high clearance 2WD vehicle is able to travel safely at low speeds on long dry straight-of-ways, without losing control due to wash boarding, ruts, or dips. It's one of the highest roads of the country, climbing up to 720m (2,362ft) above the sea level.

It is very important to check rainfall in this area before setting off and make sure you are well prepared for the trip. The route begins a bit to the north of Þingvellir and to the west of the volcano Skjaldbreiður, which really comes up to its name (meaningbroad shield). The track continues between the glaciers Þórisjökull and Ok and leads up to the north. To the east of Reykholt it comes near the Reykholtsdalur to Húsafell. Then it continues up to Hvammstangi at the Miðfjörður. 
Pic: Kunz Jean-Paul


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