How To Travel The Road 619 In Iceland

Road 619 (Ketildalsvegur) is the name of a very scenic drive located on the coast of Arnarfjörður, one of the Westfjords in Iceland.

Road 619 (Ketildalsvegur)

The road is 25.1 km (15.59 miles) long running east-west from Bíldudalur to Selárdalur. It’s totally unpaved. Attempting it in anything but a High-Clearance, preferably 4-wheel drive vehicle is a recipe for disaster. It’s pretty defiant with high tide.

Located on the southern shore of the fjord Arnarfjordur, the road is very scenic with sweeping views of the coast and the 1000 metres high Kaldbakur Mountain, the highest mountain in the Westfjords. It gives access to Samúel Jónsson's Art Farm. The road is challenging, very bumpy, with narrow parts, rough surface, drop offs and steep sections (hitting a 12% of maximum gradient).
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