Crete’s most hairpinned roads
Crete’s most hairpinned roads

Crete’s most hairpinned roads

Crete is the largest island of Greece. It’s located on the southern part of the country. The island has very high mountains, some of them following a collection of never ending turns . In some places the mountains come so close to the Libyan Sea that there's no room for a road inbetween.

Road Distance Hairpin turns Highest point Surface Range
Kavousi - Thripti  23,2km 49 1.447m Gravel Thripti mountain
Libadas - Koustgerako  15km 35 1.272m Gravel Lefka Ori
Kouroutes - Toumpotos Prinos  11,8km 34 1.516m Gravel Psiloritis
Simi - Omalos Viannou   7,5km 31 1.264m Gravel Dikti mountain
Kapsodasos - Kallikratis  9,13km 30 738m Asphalt Lefka Ori
Koudoumas - Kofinas  12,77km 29 1.054m Gravel Asterousia mountains
Rodakino - Kryoneritis  10,31km 28 1.052m Gravel Kryoneritis mountain
Lochria - Psiloritis  10km 25 1.866m Gravel Psiloritis
Gergeri - Diplori   14,64km 24 1.322m Asphalt Psiloritis mountains
Sternes - Kofinas  8,5km 24 1.020m Gravel Asterousia mountains
Ai Giannis - Kapetaniana  7,7km 23 820m Gravel Asterousia mountains
Tsoutsouras - Achentri 9,7km 23 708m Gravel Asterousia mountains
Asi Gonia 13,88km 22 824m Asphalt Lefka Ori
Vistagi  6,7km 22 1.102m Gravel  Psiloritis
Sfakia - Ai Giannis  18,6km 20 790m Asphalt Lefka Ori
Xerokampos - Ziros  13,61km 19 685m Asphalt Sitiaka Ori
Fournes - Zourva 12,2km 19 824m Asphalt Lefka Ori
Amigdalokefali 8,1km 19 543m Asphalt West Crete
Treis Ekklisies  5,8km 19 526m Asphalt Asterousia mountains
Tourloti - Monokara 6,5km 18 752m Gravel  Orno mountain
Sfakia - Imbros 16,2km 16 765m Asphalt Lefka Ori
Loukia - Kapetaniana 9,64km 14 829m Asphalt Asterousia mountains

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