Highest roads of Greece

Highest roads of Greece

Located in southeastern Europe, Greece is the southernmost of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. About 80% of Greece consists of mountains or hills, thus making Greece one of the most mountainous countries of Europe. It’s a mountainous, peninsular mainland jutting out into the sea at the southern end of the Balkans, with more than 300 larger or smaller mountains.

List of highest mountain passes of Greece:

Mountain pass Elevation Zone Surface
Mt Voras-Kajmakčalan 2.524m (8,281ft) Greece-FYR Macedonia Gravel
Mount Olympus 2.423m (7,949ft) Thessaly/Macedonia Gravel
Mount Kyllini 2.376m (7,795ft) Peloponnesus Gravel
Mount Helmos 2.340m (7,677ft) Southern Greece Gravel
Mount Parnassus 2.305m (7,562ft) Central Greece Asphalt/Gravel
Prophet Elias Chapel 2.232m (7,322ft) Central Greece Gravel
Mount Timfristos 2.192m (7,191ft) Evrytania Gravel
Mount Giona 2.148m (7,047ft) Central Greece Gravel
Athamanika 2.142m (7,027ft) Epirus Gravel
Flabouro 2.131m (6,991ft) Central Macedonia Gravel
Mount Vitsi 2.128m (6,982ft) Northern Greece Asphalt
Ziria peak 2.115m (6,938ft) Peloponnesus Gravel
Mount Kaliakouda 2.101m (6,893ft) Central Greece Gravel 
Falakro Oros 2.081m (6,827ft) East Macedonia Asphalt/Gravel
Lakmos 2.059m (6,755ft) Epirus Gravel
Radomir 2.031m (6,663ft) Greece-Bulgaria Gravel
Vardousia 2.026m (6,646ft) Phocis / Phthiotis Gravel
Mavra Kremna 2.016m (6,614ft) Western Crete Gravel
Tsouka Petsik 1.990m (6,528ft) Epirus Gravel
Trigia 1.974m (6,476ft) Thessaly Gravel
Lapata 1.964m (6,443ft) Trikala Gravel
Mount Pangeo 1.929m (6,328ft) East Macedonia/Thrace Asphalt/Gravel
Mount Oeta 1.914m (6,279ft) Central Greece Gravel
Drakolimni Smolika 1.914m (6,279ft) Epirus Gravel
Baros Pass 1.905m (6,250ft) Central Greece Asphalt
Mount Ida 1.897m (6,223ft) Crete Gravel
Mount Timfristos 1.862m (6,108ft) Evrytania Asphalt
Karava 1.824m (5,984ft) Thessaly Gravel
Vasilitsa 1.821m (5,974ft) Western Macedonia Asphalt
Mount Ossa 1.819m (5,967ft) Thessaly Gravel
Sarantena 1.811m (5,941ft) Evrytania Gravel
Skinakas 1.752m (5,748ft) Crete Asphalt
Samarina-Fourka road 1.747m (5,731ft) W. Macedonia-Epirus Asphalt
Katara Pass 1.746m (5,728ft) Central Greece Asphalt
Panachaiko 1.743m (5,718ft) Southern Greece Gravel
Prophet Elias Church 1.743m (5,718ft) Karditsa Asphalt

Pic: Zoran Ristic

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