Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road

The road from Patiopoulo to Perdikaki is not for timid drivers

Located in the northeastern part of Aetolia-Acarnania in Greece, the road from Patiopoulo to Perdikaki is one of the most dangerous drives in the world. It's not recommended to attempt this road if you are visiting the country. It's not a fun drive to say the least. The best way to visit this road is to arrive at Patiopoulo village and then to follow the sign for Agia Marina church and then to Perdikaki. Experienced drivers only.

How long is the road from Patiopoulo to Perdikaki?

Tucked away in the northwestern part of the country, the road is mostly unpaved (8.8km are paved and 20km are unpaved). Full of twists and turns, the road is also incredibly narrow and has a sheer drop on the edges with no rail to protect vehicles from plummeting off the edge. The road is 28.80 km (17.9mi) long. It’s used often by farmers and shepherds all the year. This defiant drive was bypassed by a 23.5km long paved road between both towns. It’s also pretty steep yet scenic. 

Is the road from Patiopoulo to Perdikaki challenging?

This road is renowned for its numerous perils. It is either a steep climb or descent with minimal grip. Unless you’re up for a challenge it might just be better to walk or something. It is extremely narrow with severe drops on either side of the sloping track and there are no strong barriers to stop weary travellers from plummeting to their doom! If you really want to risk your life for no apparent reason – ride it at night, there are no lights to guide your way at all. This is a hazardous road, especially at night, when the visibility is much reduced. Moreover, there are often no markings or lines which mean a lot of night-time travelers drive straight off the road and plunge to their deaths. Here’s a tip: don’t glance down at your phone on this motorway! It is meandering, hard to predict, and you may just end up at the bottom of a mountainside. It’s an adrenaline junkies dream.

How steep is the road from Patiopoulo to Perdikaki?

The road starts at Perdikaki a village at an elevation of 700m above the sea level, and winds uphill to Patiopoulo, rising to an altitude of 1,160m. Over this distance the elevation gain is 824m (2,706ft) with some sections up to 21.8% of maximum gradient.
Pic&video: Ser Pappas