The road from Aristi to Papingo. Navigating 23 Hairpin Turns in Greece

Situated in the Ioannina regional unit of Epirus, in Greece, the Aristi-Papingo Road offers a sublime drive amidst nature's grandeur. Recognized globally for its stunning mountain vistas interspersed with 23 iconic hairpin turns, this route stands as a testament to Greece's captivating landscapes.

Aristi-Papingo road

Location and Connection

Linking the idyllic towns of Aristi and Papingo, this mesmerizing road gracefully meanders alongside the tranquil Voidomatis river. While primarily celebrated for its views, its significance as a connection between these two towns in the Pindos Mountains is paramount.

Vital Road Stats

The asphalted trail runs for a total of 10.8km (6.71 miles). Starting from Aristi at an elevation of 620m and culminating at 930m in Papingo, drivers should be prepared for an average incline of 2.87%, with some sections posing a more challenging tilt of 10%.

The Hairpin Experience

As you navigate this iconic route, the evolving beauty of the surrounding views will leave an indelible impression. But while the panoramas might distract, the continuous hairpins demand your attention, reminding you to drive safely and savor every twist and turn. It’s one of the famous hairpinned roads in the world.