The road from Aristi to Papingo. Navigating 23 Hairpin Turns in Greece

Located in the Ioannina region of Epirus, in Greece, the road from Aristi to Papingo offers a scenic drive with 23 hairpin turns and stunning mountain views.

Aristi-Papingo road

Where Is the Road from Aristi to Papingo?

This road connects the towns of Aristi and Papingo, following the Voidomatis River. It serves as an important route between these two towns in the Pindos Mountains.

How Long Is the Road from Aristi to Papingo?

The asphalt road is 10.8 km (6.71 miles) long. It starts at an elevation of 620 meters in Aristi and ends at 930 meters in Papingo. The road has an average incline of 2.87%, with some sections reaching a 10% incline.

Is the Road from Aristi to Papingo Challenging?

The road's 23 hairpin turns require careful navigation, but the evolving mountain views are worth it. It’s one of the most famous hairpinned roads in the world.