Narrow, Winding, and Treacherous: The Road from Prousos to Kallithea in Central Greece

The road from Prousos to Kallithea, located in the Evrytania regional unit of Central Greece, is a treacherous, winding drive through the mountains.

Prousos-Kallithea Road

Is the road from Prousos to Kallithea challenging?

Perched high in the Prousos mountains, the road is entirely paved but remains narrow and exceptionally twisty. With sections unprotected by guardrails and featuring perilous drop-offs, those with a fear of heights might prefer an alternate route. The road's gradient is notably steep, reaching a maximum of 16% in certain stretches.

How long is the curvy road from Prousos to Kallithea?

Stretching 27.8 km (17.27 miles) in a north-south direction from Prousos to Kallithea, it reaches an altitude of 1,458m (4,783ft) above sea level. Although it's typically accessible throughout the year, encountering snow isn't rare.