Driving the coastal road from Agia Effimia to Karavomylos in Greece

Located on the east coast of the island of Kefalonia (Cephalonia) in Greece, the stunning road from Agia Effimia to Karavomylos is one of the best coastal drives in the world.

Agia Effimia-Karavomylos Road

How long is the road from Agia Effimia to Karavomylos?

Tucked away on the southwestern part of the country, on the Ionian Islands, the road is totally paved. It’s 6.4km (3.97 miles) long running north-south from Agia Effimia to Karavomylos. The road leads to dozens of small beaches with pebbles and stratified rocks.

Is the road from Agia Effimia to Karavomylos worth it?

The road literally takes the breath away and drops right off the edge into the water in many places (with no guard rails). It is very busy in summers. To drive the road without stopping will take most people between 10 and 20 minutes. A series of four earthquakes hit the island in August 1953, and caused major destruction, with virtually every house on the island destroyed. The third and most destructive of the quakes took place on August 12, 1953, with its epicentre directly below the southern tip of Kefalonia, and caused the entire island to be raised 60 cm higher, where it remains, with evidence in water marks on rocks around the coastline.