Vrontados Road

The hairpinned road from Epos to Vrontados in Greece

Located at the eastern part of the island of Chios in Greece, the road from Epos to Vrontados is a curvy mountainous road which rarely permits speeds over 50km/h.

The road is totally paved. It runs from the village of Epos (Αίπος) towards Vrontados (Βροντάδος), a small coastal town. The road is known as Epar.Od. Chiou-Keramou. The area of Vrontados is also famous for the monastery of Panagia Myrsiniotissa and the church of Agios Stephanos. The historical Monastery of Mersinidi, which is dedicated to the Mother of God, is situated in the north of Vrontados, on an aslope place above the sea. When ships pass by they use to sound their horns to greet the Mother of God.

The road is pretty steep. It’s only 4.4km long and offers 8 hairpin turns. The experience of using this road is very impressive. Starting from Vrontados, the elevation gain is 209 meters. The average gradient is 4.75%, with some parts up to 10%.