Taking on the Twists and Turns on the Road from Lakki to Omalos

Located in the Chania Region, on the Greek island of Crete, the road from Lakki to Omalos is truly breathtaking.

Lakki to Omalos Road

How long is the road from Lakki to Omalos?

Located near the legendary Samaria Gorge, the largest canyon in Europe, the winding mountain road is totally paved. It’s 13.4 km (8.32 miles) long, running north-south from Lakki (in the foothills of the Lefka Ori) to Omalos (in the Mousouroi unit).

Is the road from Lakki to Omalos challenging?

Set high at the western part of Crete, the drive is very defiant, with 12 sharp hairpin turns. The road tops out at 1.131m (3,710ft) above the sea level. In winter and early spring you might encounter frost and snow. If you drive at night in winter time you will often encounter fog. As the road edges are not that well marked it can make driving really difficult.

Is the road from Lakki to Omalos worth it?

Plan about 25 minutes to complete the challenging drive. The road offers stunning views of the Omalos plateau. If you want to stop to enjoy the views or take some photos make sure that you do so in a safe place.

Pic: VISIT CRETE - Φοίβος