It’s raining rocks on the road from Kato Alepochori to Psatha

Located on the Attic Peninsula of Greece, the scenic coastal road from Kato Alepochori to Psatha is said to be one of the most dangerous roads of the country. It’s raining rocks!

Alepochori-Psatha coastal road

Located on the southern part of the country, the coastal road offers sweeping views. It’s 6.9 km (4.28 miles) long running south-north from Kato Alepochori to Psatha. With falling rocks and waves crashing on the road, it’s said to be one of the most dangerous roads in Attica, as the narrow road is "lashed" by the waves of the Corinthian sea, with crumbling rocks hanging over the heads of the drivers.

Driving on a road between the sea and the mountains is -undoubtedly- an exciting experience for any nature lover. The road is fully paved but not in the best possible condition, damaged and almost abandoned to its destiny. Potholes and cracks threaten significantly the cars, and more likely to those drivers who challenge the road.

The situation on this particular road is dangerous as the mountain right next to the road is literally ready to collapse at the first heavy rain or a small earthquake. The level of danger is raised by the mountains that almost covers the vehicles, since it seems about to collapse after the first torrential rains. At the same time, seismic vibrations (the area is located near the Alkionides fault) indicate landslides that threaten the physical integrity of the drivers.
Road suggested by: jorge manuel gómez sánchez