An awe-inspiring road to the top of Mt. Agios Pantes

Mt. Agios Pantes (Saint Pantes) is a mountain peak at an elevation of 725m (2,378ft) above the sea level, situated in the central part of the Paros island, in Greece. The view is definitely worth it, especially at sunset.

Mt. Agios Pantes

The road to the summit is concrete due its steepness. It’s very narrow and along the way you’ll have to deal with some dangerous dropoffs. One mistake can have consequences. This is the highest point of the island which means it’s always windy and fresh thoughout the year.

A chapel (Chapelle- Άγιοι πάντες) and a few communication facilities are placed just at the top. From the top you can see more or less all the entire island group, assuming that it is a clear day. Starting from the Moni Agion Theodoron-Lefkes road, the ascent is 2.6 km long. Over this distance the elevation gain is 133 meters. The average gradient is 5.11%.