Germany’s 4 Most Beautiful Scenic Drives

If you love being on the road, Germany is definitely a country you have to visit. The roads are filled with picture-postcard locations, like vineyards, mountains and meadows.

Germany’s 4 Most Beautiful Scenic Drives

There are also numerous fairytale castles, cultural sites, historical sites and even UNESCO sites you can enjoy. They are mostly connected by quality roads that create incredible scenic drives. Consider every single one of the 4 mentioned but remember the fact that there are many others that the country has to offer. Pick those that give you access to the exact experience you are looking for on the road.

The Romantic Road

The Romantic Road (locally known as Romantische Strasse) cannot be rivaled when it comes to popularity and beauty. The road is 400 kilometers long and takes you deep into Germany’s history, culture and nature. Landscapes are swiftly changing and you can always find surprises right around the corner. You start your adventure in Wurzburg and end up seeing locations like Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Ausburg, the Harburg Castle and Dinkelsbuhl. If you go on this romantic scenic drive, be sure to also consider a visit to Neuschwanstein, one of the most popular castles in the entire world. 

Castle Road

This 1200 kilometers long scenic drive is filled with castles. It is practically shrouded in fairytales, legends and myths. You start the adventure at Mannheim and end up visiting so many attractions and landscapes that are just incredible. Along the way, be sure to consider stops at the castles of Bamberg, Nuremberg, Bayreuth and Heidelberg. Also, stop at Clomberg and visit Rothenburg ob der Tauber. In fact, you can visit any castle you want out of the incredible 70 that are available for drivers.

Wine Route

Wine Route (locally known as Weinstrasse) takes you through some of the warmest and sunniest regions in the country. It is a must-experience for all people that love wine. The Wine Route starts in Schweigen-Rechtenbach, on the border with France, and it ends in Bockenheim, covering 85 kilometers. Along the way, you will be rewarded with wine festivals, wine- tasting sessions and the tasty Rhineland Palastinate cuisine. To make matters even more interesting, on the scenic route you will see rolling, lush vineyards and cherry blossoms.

Fairy Tale Route

If you travel with a child or you are a child at heart, get ready for the 600 kilometers long Fairy Tale Route. It starts in Hanau and ends in Bremen, taking you from the center of the country to the North Sea.  This is a route that connects different spots where the Grimm Brothers lived, studied, where they were born and inspiration spots. You can see the real hometown of Snow White and follow the Pied Piper steps. It is even possible to visit the Alsfeld Red Riding House. Visit countless picturesque towns, palaces and castles. Travel with the entire family whenever possible to enjoy everything that this scenic route has to offer.