Travel Guide to Alpspitze

Alpspitze is a high mountain peak at an elevation of 2.091m (6,860ft) above the sea level, located in the German state of Bavaria. It’s one of the highest roads of the country.


The road to the summit, located within the Wetterstein mountain range, is unpaved. Some narrow sections and very steep. The road is usually impassable in winters. Stay away if you're scared of heights. At the summit there are 2 curved metal walkways reaching out 13 metres (42 feet) over a cliff, crossing over each other, making the shape of an X known as the 'AlpspiX Viewing Platform'. The summit is also known as  Osterfelderkopf. This trail was closed in 2016 due to a construction site. Motor vehicles are forbidden.
Pic: Waldi Twork