What are the highest roads in Germany?

Located in central-western Europe, Germany stretches from the Alps, across the North European Plain to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. From north to south its topography varies quite dramatically. The country is traversed by some of Europe's major rivers such as the Rhine, Danube and Elbe.

Highest roads of Germany

Highest roads in Germany

Mountain road Elevation State Surface
Alpspitze 2.091m (6,860ft) Bavaria Gravel
Nebelhorn 2.068m (6,784ft) Bavaria Asphalt
Königshaus Schachen 1.863m (6,112ft) Bavaria Gravel
Ostlerhütte 1.797m (5,895ft) Bavaria Gravel
Jenner 1.786m (5,859ft) Bavaria Gravel
Carl-von-Stahl-Haus 1.758m (5,767ft) Bavaria Gravel
Alpe Schlappold 1.740m (5,708ft) Bavaria Asphalt
Rotwand 1.727m (5,666ft) Bavaria Gravel
Kreuzjoch 1.719m (5,640ft) Bavaria Gravel
Gotzenalm 1.687m (5,534ft) Bavaria Gravel
Kehlsteinstrasse 1.685m (5,528ft) Bavaria  Asphalt 
Schneibsteinhaus 1.679m (5,508ft) Bavaria Gravel
Kreuzeck 1.651m (5,417ft) Bavaria Gravel

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