Fairytale castles and ancient cathedrals on the Bavarian Romantic Road

The famous German Romantic Road (Romantische Straße) is a wonderful scenic drive across Bavaria. This inspiring route winds through medieval towns, castles, and wine country. It’s one of Germany’s Most Beautiful Scenic Drives.

Romantic Road

How many days do you need on the Romantic Road in Germany?

The road stretches across the provinces of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, in the southern region of the country. To fully experience the breathtaking views of the Bavarian landscape and its majestic castles, it is recommended to allocate 3-5 days for the drive. Originally a significant trade route during the Middle Ages, this road meanders through idyllic countryside, fortified towns, and delightful villages. Along the way, you will encounter impressive Gothic cathedrals, splendid examples of German baroque, Renaissance, and Medieval architecture. The enchanting presence of fairytale castles and the grandeur of the Alps add the final touches to this picturesque journey.

What is the most Romantic Road in Germany?

Embark on a car trip that presents the most breathtaking vistas of the Bavarian landscape and its awe-inspiring castles. This scenic drive traverses stretches of picturesque countryside, adorned with gentle and rolling hills. Along the way, you'll encounter charming cobblestoned villages and be transported to medieval times in the walled towns of Bad Mergentheim, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Dinkelsbuehl, and Noerdlingen. Prepare to be captivated by sweeping panoramas, as well as the enchanting allure of fairy-tale castles and the timeless grace of ancient cathedrals. This journey promises to showcase the most romantic sights Germany has to offer, all within the confines of your car.

When was the Romantic Road in Germany created?

The Romantic Road, a meticulously paved route inspired by an ancient Roman path, came into existence in the aftermath of World War II with the intention of attracting tourists. Its name, the Romantic Road, originated in the 1950s when travel agents in the American-occupied part of Germany coined the term. American soldiers, accompanied by their families, embraced this name and embarked on vacations along this captivating route. Travelers who embark on this journey are richly rewarded with a plethora of treasures, including breathtaking stately homes, resplendent palaces, and charming medieval timber-framed houses that appear in quick succession, evoking a sense of romance and allure.

Where does the Romantic Road in Germany start and end?

Stretching across a distance of 460 kilometers (290 miles), the scenic road traverses from Würzburg, an exquisite baroque town located in the northern region of Bavaria known as Franconia, all the way to Füssen, nestled in the Ostallgäu district of Bavaria near the border of Austria. Along this captivating route, travelers encounter twelve enchanting Bavarian towns, each brimming with charm. The road gracefully meanders through idyllic countryside, occasionally unveiling hidden corners of nature, as it connects fortified towns and picturesque villages, painting a picture-perfect scene at every turn.

Most important places along the route from north to south:

Romantic Road Towns

When to drive the Romantic Road in Germany?

Presently, the Romantic Road stands as a major magnet for tourism, solidifying its status as Germany's most renowned and beloved holiday route. Attracting a staggering two million visitors annually, this scenic pathway extends from the vineyards of Würzburg to the foothills of the majestic Alps. It is advisable to steer clear of the summer season, as it tends to bring a surge of tourists to the Romantic Road. However, this captivating route is a year-round destination, offering pleasant weather in spring and fall, while winter unveils a mesmerizing display of Christmas lights that adorn the area. Moreover, the Romantic Road has gained fame as Germany's premier destination for festivals. From the onset of May to the lingering days of autumn, there are ample opportunities to revel in delightful wine and flavorful beer at open-air historical festivals. These celebrations unfold at stunning original venues, where indulgence takes center stage.



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