Riedberg Pass, a very steep (19%) mountain road in Germany

Riedbergpass is a mountain pass at an elevation of 1.407m (4,616ft) above the sea level, located in the district of Oberallgäu, in Bavaria, Germany.

Riedberg Pass

The pass links Fischen (Germany) and Hittisau (Austria). The road over the pass is asphalted. It’s called Road Riedbergstraße (OA9). On the eastern side the ramps are 16%. The grade on this side is pretty cumbersome. Nice downhill towards Austria. On the other side, from Fischen to the top, the grade is simply stunning: 19%.

The pass is open all year long. At the summit there’s a parking lot. A few yards behind the summit a small road exits to the right to a little mountain place called Grasgehren.

Located within the Allgäu Alps, the road is closed to heavy vehicles. At the pass there are several hiking parking lots.