D33 is a winding paved road in Corsica

Located in the Haute-Corse department of France, on the north-east of the island of Corsica, D33 is a very scenic coastal road. Drive slowly because there is no room for mistakes.

Road D33

The little road runs parallel to the scenic Cap Corse Road (D80), but it’s much narrower, less busy and even more thrilling. It’s asphalted. The scenery is spectacular and the road, at times, utterly terrifying, with dramatic crashing waves beckoning from below white-knuckle sheer drops. It’s one of the peninsula’s most beautiful highways. Take care with animals along the way.

This lovely, undulating road is 18.2 km (11.3 miles) long and skirts through a string of isolated hamlets. It links the villages of Pino and Canelle running north-south. The road allows to explore the diversity of this unspoilt Mediterranean Island. Along the way there are some sections with a severe drop off. The drive has a few sections that are quite narrow. It is actually large enough to cross a large bus, but barely. So it is quite impressive. It just becomes difficult where the cliffs is not straight and you face a bus going in the opposite direction... there you might have to maneuver a little bit.
This winding cliff road that affords some fabulous panoramic views is definitely not for anyone suffering from vertigo. The journey is one of the most famous drives in Corsica with wild mountains and beaches, charming villages and splendid views. The most scenic, unique, dramatic landscape opens up in front of you.
Road suggested by: Michael Spannlang