Gorges de l’Asco, a balcony road in France

Gorges de l’Asco is an incredible defile located in the Haute-Corse department in the Corsica region, a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s one of the famous French balcony roads.

Gorges de l’Asco

The gorge is carved by the Asco river. This real gem of a discovery is traversed by the D147, a thin asphalted road following the winding course of the river. It’s 11.6 km long and links the towns of Moltifao and Asco. It's in good condition but with no guard rails and basically one lane. Driving up to Haute Asco immediately after the village of Asco, where you can turn left down into the gorges. There is no road sign but it’s easy to find it. The road is paved and rather steep until the end which really appears suddenly after a bend - and there is no extra space for turning around - just a rocky path. If you are not a skilled driver you are in trouble because with big cars you have to go into reverse up the steep an winding road at minimum 1 km until you can turn around. For motorbikes it’s easier.
After additional 50 meters there is an ancient bridge worth taking a picture and on hot summer days there is enough clean water in the river for taking a bath. Driving down into the gorges is easy as long as your brakes work. Turning around and driving back up the hill can be thrilling because there is no sign "parking forbidden" so especially drivers of cars facing the situation delay the action of driving back and park their car immediately aside the road which reduces additionally the space so even for turning around with a motorbike can be difficult.

Located in the valley of Asco inside of Parc naturel régional de Corse, this amazing road is carved into the mountainside. The journey features a wild, desolate landscape of red granite and sparse scrub. During the journey you can admire the untouched nature. This road is one of the most famous balcony roads in the country. When you take this road as picturesque as it is narrow, with its many suprising meanders, drive carefully, and above all don't miss the parking spaces that have been provided.
Road suggested by: Michael Spannlang