D29, an iconic French balcony road

D29 is a short mountain road located in the Aude department in southern France. It’s one of the French balcony roads.


The road is asphalted but extremely narrow. It’s 2.7 km long starting from Fontanès-de-Sault. The road is made difficult by single track sections and overhanging rock, and is impassable to heavy vehicles. It runs as a single track road along the mountainside for some distance with nowhere to pass another vehicle. Here one says a prayer that nobody is coming towards you until the road widens some kilometres further.
This road is one of the most famous balcony roads in the country. A balcony road is a hair-raising lane cut into the sides of sheer cliffs. It’s a kind of road not for those who fear heights. There is little room for error on these roads. Drive with care as this is a mountain road with hairpin curves and narrow unlit tunnels. When you take this road as picturesque as it is narrow, with its many suprising meanders, drive carefully, and above all don't miss the parking spaces that have been provided. The road climbs up several mountain passes up to 1.000m.
This road is usually open all year, but it can be closed anytime when the access is not cleared of snow. Falling rocks and early snow cause road to close. This amazing road is carved into the mountainside in France. It’s a road in France to die for (or die on, if you're not careful!). This cliff road is asphalted. This beautiful road with stunning views is not recommended for drivers who are prone to vertigo.

The road features many unlit tunnels. It's totally closed to vehicles higher than 2.7 meters. This road should not be attempted by those who don't know how to reverse.  The road is so narrow that if two vehicles have to pass each other, one vehicle might have to reverse for anything up to 3 kilometres of winding narrow road to get to a place wide enough to pass.