Passo Barbacana
Passo Barbacana

Barbacana Pass

Passo Barbacana is an international high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.180m (7,152ft) above the sea level in the Alpes-Maritimes, located on the Italian-French border. The pass is reachable by motor vehicles on the Italian side. On the French side it’s just a walking path.

The road to the summit is gravel, rocky, tippy and bumpy at times. It’s an old military road. The road is usually impassable in winters. Great trail for experienced wheelers. Avoid driving in this area if unpaved mountain roads aren't your strong point. At the summit there is an abandoned military fortress. This pass is remembered for the passage of 8 battalions of the Franco-Hispanic, during the military campaign of 1744, that caught the Piedmontese army (War of Austrian Succession).
4x4 required. Stay away if you're scared of heights. Expect a trail pretty steep (with slopes that never exceed 13-15%). Wet conditions may make for tough driving along the muddy road. The context is very beautiful with many lakes along the beautiful colors that are on the rise. 


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