Don’t glance down at your phone on Ravin de la Platte

Ravin de la Platte is a high mountain ravine at an elevation of 1.853m (6,079ft) above the sea level, located in the Hautes-Alpes department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in southeastern France. It’s one of the most extreme roads in the world, bordered by a drop of hundreds of meters unprotected by guardrails. It’s definitely not for anyone suffering from vertigo.

The surface of the road is gravel. Only the suicidal, the insane, or the paid-to-do-this should ever drive down. This road located in the Lauzet valley has humbled many egos. The road starts in La Roche-de-Rame, a small town at 950m above the sea level. It’s 11km long. It’s certainly breathtaking and it has a fearsome reputation. It still remains an adrenaline-pumping journey and is definitely not for the faint of lungs, heart, or legs. Words can’t describe the road and pictures don’t do it justice. One mistake and it's a free fall to your death.
The drive includes 25 hairpin turns and tests the skill, and courage, of any driver. This terrible and exposed trail is heavily trafficked by log trucks. There is little room for error on this road. It’s incredibly disorienting to look over the edge, or even just to see the valleys a couple thousand feet below you. It’s a mind numbing vertical drop of hundreds of meters so you might want to give it a miss on a windy day. Your wheels will be astounded at the wonderful views of the mountains spread out before you!
The drive is pretty steep, with an average gradient of 8.20%, with sections up to 10%. Do not travel this road in severe weather conditions. Avalanches, heavy snowfalls and landslides can occur anytime, being extremely dangerous due to frequent patches of ice. The road is slippery and very narrow (just 3 meters wide). It’s totally impassable for 2 cars at the same time. Stay away if you're scared of heights. It is recommended that beginner riders avoid this road. Drive with care as this is a mountain road with hairpin curves and dangerous dropoffs. It shouldn’t be attempted by those who don't know how to reverse.  


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NOTICE: Due to the spread of COVID-19, many points of interest and roads are closed and travel is not recommended. Please follow all local health authority directives before venturing off, and stay safe.