Cap Corse Road

Cap Corse Road, one of the best coastal drives in the world

Located on the north-east of the island of Corsica, in France, the Cap Corse Road is one of the best coastal drives in the world. The drive offers spectacular views of the ocean and charming villages. The scenery is spectacular and the road, at times, utterly terrifying. The journey is one of the most famous drives in Corsica with wild mountains and beaches, charming villages and splendid views.

The road, located in the Haute-Corse department, is called D80. It’s 110km long hugging the eastern coastal roads of le Cap. It’s one of the most beautiful roads in the world. The most scenic, unique, dramatic landscape opens up in front of you. The route demands 100% concentration and has humbled many egos. There is plenty of parking to stop and take pictures. The road was first built by one of the Napoleans in the ninteenth century. Touring anticlockwise offers the best views, especially on the West coast with the whole gulf of Saint-Florent.
The picturesque coastal road D80 is a highway of consistently stunning scenery. In many places the road is bordered by a drop of hundreds of meters (many hundreds of feet) unprotected by guardrails. The surface of the road is asphalted, but in pretty poor conditions along the spectacular drive. Along the way there are some sections with a severe drop off. The drive has a few sections that are quite narrow. It is actually large enough to cross a large bus, but barely. So it is quite impressive. It just becomes difficult where the cliffs is not straight and you face a bus going in the opposite direction... there you might have to maneuver a little bit.

This beautiful coast road heads north to Cap Corse and its small villages. But as far as possible, go north to south. You'll be on the sea side. It's even better. The road was first built by one of the Napoleans in the ninteenth century. With just a low concrete barrier between you and the steep sea drop, it's best not to look down. Drive with care as this is a coastal road with hairpin curves and dangerous dropoffs. Stay away if you're scared of heights. The views that you will see will leave you speechless. The scenery is spectacular and the road, at times, utterly terrifying, with dramatic crashing waves beckoning from below white-knuckle sheer drops.

The west coast of this peninsula is simply exceptional. There is little room for error on this road. Don’t stuff your belly too much. It’s definitely not for anyone suffering from vertigo. It can be very windy. It's normal for your palms to sweat looking at those photos, imagine what it must have been like before the barriers. But the tiny brick wall at the edge of the road is not going to stop your vehicle from going over. This west coast road has hardly improved for 20 or 30 years, so expect an average speed of around 40 kms/hour. On the west side of the island the road provides fantastic views towards the sea. Try the following variant: D33 southward of the village Pino. This street is tight, paved and just a few hundred meters away from the coast road but even more thrilling. Drive slowly because there is only no room for failures.
Road suggested by: Nicolas Runavot


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