Mont Caume, a narrow and winding mountain road

Mont Caume is a mountain pass at an elevation of 801m (2,627ft) above the sea level, located in the Var department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in southeastern France.

Mont Caume

The road to the summit is extremely challenging. It’s very narrow, steep (with sections up to 10 %) and the surface is really poor, especially at the top. This road has humbled many egos. It’s not for the sissies and shouldn’t be attempted by novice drivers.
At the summit there are several communication antennas and old military buildings from WII. The site is no longer used militarily since the end of World War II. It’s one of the most famous paragliding sites in the country. Starting from Toulon, the ascent is 11.6 km long. Over this distance, the elevation gain is 742 meters. The average percentage is 6.3 %.