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Highest roads of France

Located in Western Europe, France is the largest country in the European Union. It’s a very mountainous country. The two most important mountain ranges of the country are the Alps and the Pyrenees.

Highest mountain roads of France:

Mountain roadElevationDepartmentSurface
Col des Ruillans3.231m (10,600ft)Hautes-AlpesGravel
Pointe du Bouchet3.229m (10,593ft)SavoieGravel
Cime de Caron3.195m (10,482ft)SavoieGravel
Col du Jandri3.165m (10,383ft)Isère Gravel
Mont Chaberton 3.131m (10,272ft)Hautes-AlpesGravel
Col de Thorens3.118m (10,229ft)SavoieGravel
Bellecote3.071m (10,075ft)SavoieGravel
Pic Blanc3.067m (10,062ft)IsèreGravel
Grande Motte3.030m (9,940ft)SavoieGravel
Col de la Montée du Fond3.007m (9,865ft)SavoieGravel
Col du Bouchet3.004m (9,855ft)SavoieGravel
Col de Caron2.996m (9,829ft)SavoieGravel
Col du Sommeiller2.993m (9,819ft)SavoieGravel
Col de Rosael2.977m (9,767ft) SavoieGravel
Col de l’Herpie2.970m (9,744ft)IsèreGravel
Aiguille de Péclet2.951m (9,681ft)SavoieGravel
Grand Col2.939m (9,642ft)SavoieGravel
Col du Piéfroid2.937m (9,635ft)IsèreGravel
Pic de Château Renard2.936m (9,632ft)Hautes-AlpesGravel
Col des Lessières2.936m (9,632ft)Savoie Gravel
Mont Malamot2.885m (9,465ft)SavoieGravel
Cugnai Lift2.884m (9,471ft)SavoieGravel
Glacier du Varet2.883m (9,458ft)SavoieGravel
Col de la Chambre2.879m (9,445ft)SavoieGravel
Pic du Midi de Bigorre2.877m (9,439ft) Hautes-PyrénéesGravel
Col de la Bailletta2.852m (9,356ft)SavoieGravel
Mont de la Chambre2.844m (9,330ft)SavoieGravel
Col de Lauzun2.809m (9,215ft)Savoie Gravel
Col du Lac Blanc2.803m (9,196ft)Isère Gravel
Cime de la Bonette2.802m (9,193ft)Alpes-Maritimes/Haute-ProvenceAsphalt
Col dés Ves2.793m (9,163ft)SavoieGravel
Pointe de la Masse2.790m (9,153ft)SavoieGravel
Bellevarde2.783m (9,130ft)SavoieGravel
Col du Parpaillon2.780m (9,120ft)Alpes-de-Haute-ProvenceGravel
Col de Fresse2.777m (9,110ft)SavoieGravel
Col de l'Iseran2.770m (9,090ft)SavoieAsphalt
Col d’Entre les Tetes2.760m (9,055ft)IsèreGravel
Col de la Met2.750m (9,022ft)SavoieGravel
Palet2.749m (9,019ft)SavoieGravel
Col de Viraysse2.746m (9,009ft)Alpes-de-Haute-ProvenceGravel
Lac de Céma2.745m (9,005ft)SavoieAsphalt
Col Agnel 2.744m (9,003ft)Hautes-AlpesAsphalt
Col de la Vallée Étroite2.735m (8,973ft)SavoieGravel
L'Aiguille Percée2.732m (8,963ft)SavoieGravel
Punta Bagna2.730m (8,956ft)SavoieGravel
Col de La Madeleine2.716m (8,910ft)SavoieGravel
Roche de Mio2.716m (8,910ft)SavoieGravel
Col de la Bonette2.715m (8,907ft)Alpes-Maritimes/Haute-ProvenceAsphalt
Rocher du Charve2.712m (8,897ft)SavoieGravel
Crête de la Pendine2.705m (8,874ft)Hautes-AlpesGravel
Pic de Chabrières2.701m (8,861ft)Hautes-AlpesGravel
Sommet de la Saulire2.697m (8,848ft)SavoieGravel
La Tovière2.682m (8,799ft)SavoieGravel
Col de Restefond2.680m (8,790ft)Alpes-de-Haute-ProvenceAsphalt
Col du Palet2.677m (8,782ft)SavoieGravel
Colle delle Chaberton2.674m (8,772ft)Hautes-AlpesGravel
Boismint lift2.671m (8,763ft)SavoieGravel
Pic Blanc2.665m (8,743ft)Pyrénées-OrientalesGravel
Faux Col de Restefond2.656m (8,713ft)Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Asphalt
Les Cretes2.655m (8,678ft)Hautes-AlpesGravel
Col dés Pres2.652m (8,700ft)SavoieGravel
Col du Galibier2.645m (8,678ft)Savoie/Hautes-AlpesAsphalt
Sommet de l'Eychauda2.639m (8,658ft)SavoieGravel
Col des Laquets2.637m (8,651ft)Hautes-PyrénéesGravel
Col de Maurin2.637m (8,651ft)AlpesGravel

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