A wild road along the Gorges de la Jonte

Gorges de la Jonte is a canyon formed by the Jonte River, located in the border between the Lozère and the Aveyron counties, in southern France. The road through the gorges is the challenging D996 road.

Gorges de la Jonte

The road is paved. Avalanches and landslides can occur anytime and can sometimes block some sections of the road. The Jonte river marks the border between the Lozère and the Aveyron counties.

The experience of using this road is very impressive. The road's winding design, providing stunning panoramic views, is very curvy and fun for a leisurely ride, so it pays to take it slow. The gorges themselves are very scenic with cliffs and steep forested slopes rising dramatically above the road, with the gorges up to 450 metres deep in places.