How to get to Gorges du Tarn through a scenic balcony road?

Gorges du Tarn is a canyon formed by the Tarn River, located on the boundary between Lozère and Aveyron departments of the Occitanie region, in France. This scenic drive alongside the gorge is one of the picturesque French balcony roads.

Gorges du Tarn

Where are the Gorges du Tarn located?

The gorges are situated to the north of Millau, near the Massif Central, in the southern part of the country. The Gorges du Tarn are among the highest in Occitania and are a canyon dug by the Tarn between the Causse Méjean and the Causse de Sauveterre. Following the course of the Tarn River for 50 kilometres, the Tarn Gorges rank among the deepest gorges in Europe and are characterized by steep cliffs slicing through sparkling blue-green water.

What can you expect on the road through the Gorges du Tarn?

The paved D907bis road, also known as ‘Route des Gorges du Tarn,’ traverses the gorges and is notorious for its risk of rockfalls. While the route offers spectacular views inside the canyon and has several stopping places, not all might be located exactly where you'd prefer. The tunnels and rocky overhangs are hazards to negotiate with care. This road, notorious for summer traffic jams, is best visited from March to November and is especially crowded between mid-July and mid-August. Large vehicles might find it challenging due to its narrowness. As you travel, you'll witness kilometres of meanders unveiling a succession of rocky cirques and chaos, with many castles dating back to the Middle Ages dotting the landscape.

How long is the road through the Gorges du Tarn?

The road spans 26.5 km (16.46 miles) from La Malène in the Lozère department to Rivière-sur-Tarn in the Aveyron department. Anticipate approximately 40 minutes to complete the drive without any stops.

When was the road through the Gorges du Tarn built?

The initial road through the gorges was constructed in 1905. Since then, it has remained one of France's most spectacular touring routes, offering visitors a chance to witness one of the Cévennes’ most scenic sights.