Driving the scenic D84 Road on the island of Corsica

D84 Road is a very scenic drive running through the island of Corsica, in France. The road provides stunning views and climbs up to Col de Vergio, the island's highest road pass.


When was the D84 Road built?

The road was built in the late 19th century.

How long is the D84 road?

The road is entirely paved. It’s 78.2 km (49 miles) long, running from the coastal village of Porto in western Corsica to Francardo,

Is the D84 Road worth the drive?

The road runs through some of the island's most notable landmarks, including Gorge de Spelunca, Forêt d’Aitone, and the highest point of the road, Bocca à Verghju, also known as Col de Vergio, a mountain pass at 1,478m (4,849ft) above sea level. At this elevation it’s said to be Corsica's highest road pass.

Is the D84 Road challenging?

The drive is challenging, featuring countless bends, elevation changes, and panoramic views of Corsica's mountains. Keep in mind there are no straight sections.

Safety First: Beware of the Local Fauna!

Watch out for wildlife, as you can encounter goats, wild black pigs, and cows along the way. When driving, always stay alert. Close encounters with wild pigs are not uncommon. Exercise caution and patience if animals block the road to ensure safety.