Route de Presles

Route de Presles is a balcony road in France

Route de Presles is the name of a very defiant mountain road located in the Isère department, region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, in France. It’s one of the most spectacular balcony roads of the country

How long is Route de Presles?

Tucked away in the southeastern part of the country, in the heart of the French Alps, Route de Presles (D292) is totally paved. It’s 8.9 km (5.53 miles) long running south-north from Pont-en-Royans to Presles. It's one of the most scenic drives in the world. 

Is Route de Presles difficult?

The road is a succession of open tunnels and passages, carved directly into the rock, resulting low and narrow lanes, blind corners and potential landslides. You should be prepared to back up if you meet an oncoming vehicle. There are not many roads like this in Europe, if you can handle the height and the prospect of a very long freefall this road absolutely has to be on the list of any road connoisseur. It’s closed to bigger vehicles. If the visibility is reduced, for example, in a tight, do not hesitate to sound the horn to signal your presence (and slow, of course). On this kind of very scenic route, pay special attention to cyclists, walkers and other pedestrians out of their vehicles for a "souvenir photo" (or a flat tire).

Is Route de Presles open?

The road is prone to landslides and regularly shutdowns for maintenance. Do not forget to check this before you go. Keep an eye on the condition of the road, including the possible presence of stones fell from the walls, which could make you deviate from your path.

When is the best time to drive Route de Presles?

The best time to take this trip is from May through September. Between Scots pines, boxwood and young oaks, the route de Presles climbs nestling up to the edge of the Cirque de Choranche. It extends in Mediterranean scents thanks to a micro-climate created by the cliffs. The route meanders along hairpin bends as the slope climbs over the Gorges de la Bourne in a pastoral landscape at first. It then narrows unexpectedly to go through the magnificent hamlet of Nugues before arriving at the famous belvedere of the Col de Toutes Aures, where a pause will let you appreciate the panoramic view towards the south Vercors and the Isère plain. It has amazing views of the Hauts Plateaux du Vercors. The road continues to the spectacular Gorges du Nan.