Driving the 8 highest roads of Corsica

Surrounded by rugged and rocky coasts, Corsica is a Mediterranean island located southeast of France and west of Italy. The island represents a large variety of morphological landscapes, and for the most part, the terrain of Corsica is mountainous: Mont Cinto is the highest peak, reaching to 2706m, while more than 30 summits surpass 2000m. It one of 18 French regions, with Ajaccio as its capital. It is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean, behind Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus.

Driving the 8 highest roads of Corsica
Mountain Elevation Department Surface
Col de Scaldasole 1.938m (6,358ft) Corse-du-Sud Unpaved
Bocca à Canaghia 1.848m (6,062ft) Haute-Corse Unpaved
Bocca di Chiralba 1.749m (5,738ft) Corse-du-Sud Unpaved
Haut Asco 1.509m (4,950ft) Haute-Corse Paved
Col de Vergio 1.478m (4,849ft) Haute-Corse-Corse-du-Sud Paved
Bocca di Sorba 1.311m (4,301ft) Haute-Corse Paved
Col de Bavella 1.226m (4,022ft) Corse-du-Sud Paved
Cima di Tombue 1.200m (3,937ft) Haute-Corse Unpaved


Pic: Olivier Hochstaetter