Route de Duranus is an absolute must for balcony road lovers

Located in the Alpes-Maritimes department in the region of Provence-Cote d'Azur of France, Route de Duranus is the name of a very scenic drive. It’s one of the French balcony roads.

Route de Duranus

Tucked away in the Alpes Maritimes range, the road is totally paved. It’s called M19. The road has steep parts and a narrow unlit tunnel. Built on the gray limestone rock overlooking the Vésubie valley, the surface of the road is in good conditions. The scenery is great and spectacular views are guaranteed. The road leads to the Saut des Français, where in the 18th century (on the 1793-1794 war) local resistance fighters from the County of Nice forced French soldiers to jump to their deaths. It’s over 200m down.

Tucked away in the southeastern part of the country, the staggering road is 12.2km (7.58 miles) long, running north-south from Saint-Jean la Rivière to Levens. Visit outside busy periods: loads of tourists in summer. It’s a very scenic drive between a huge rocky wall and the abyss. The drive has vertical rock walls towering above and sometimes over the road. Drive carefully.

This road is one of the most famous balcony roads in the country. A balcony road is a hair-raising lane cut into the sides of sheer cliffs. It’s a kind of road not for those who fear heights. There is little room for error on these roads. Drive with care as this is a mountain road with hairpin curves and narrow unlit tunnels. When you take this road as picturesque as it is narrow, with its many surprising meanders, drive carefully, and above all don't miss the parking spaces that have been provided.
Road suggested by: jorge manuel gómez sánchez