Road trip guide: Conquering Gorges de la Spelunca

Gorges de la Spelunca is a very scenic canyon located in the Corse-du-Sud department of France on the island of Corsica. If you don't like winding roads this may be a problem.

Gorges de la Spelunca

Tucked away on the west coast of the island, east of Porto, between the villages of Ota and Évisa, the scenic road through the gorges is totally paved. It’s called D124. Carved by the Spelunca river, the road offers breathtaking landscapes. The road is 9km (5.59 miles) long, running from Porto to D84 road. High risk of rock slides.

It’s a traditional Corsican seaside road, very curvy and extremely challenging due its narrowness. Be careful, as the road is narrow, sinuous and very busy in summer.  As you’ll discover magnificent landscapes, you’ll certainly want to take some pictures. Don’t stop your car in the middle of the road, and don’t park on the roadside.